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Level up your M/SME with

Transformation, Business Centralization with

borju back office

BO - BACK OFFICE already equipped with Business process and bookkeeping, started from suppliers, SCM, purchasing, inventory, consumer, CRM, PoS, sales, profit and loss, salable / unsold stocks, and business intelligence.

borju reseller


Transformation "The Power Word of Mouth” becoming “The Power Word of Digital“. Increase your profit and help people who have no income with sales commissions for your loyal referrals. .

borju jualan online


By selling online, the transaction process is easier and faster. Build consumer trust with real time stock. Only from cellphones, consumers can order and pay directly to your shop 24 x 7.

Slide borju back office reseller jualin borju back office reseller jualin borju back office reseller jualin

BORJU.IN WANT TO CREATE 1 MILLION LEADING ENTREPRENEUR believes that #everyoneisceo. To become a leading CEO / business owner, helps provide sustainable business assistance starting from Whatsapp support services, ticket support, a complete, easy and fast platform from the back office, referrals, and online sales, learn about digital marketing, leadership, finance and training how to make systematic work to make your business autopilot. - B2B O2O Ecosystem is a WEB based CLOUD & APPS, very suitable for:

  • Pet & Hobby

    Ornamental Fish, Animals, Money Collection, Stamps, Toys & Hobbies, Accessories, Motorbikes, Cars, Miniatures, etc.

  • Gold & Jewellery

    Gold, Jewellery, Silver, Bronze, Diamond, Pearl, Accessories stores, etc.

  • Brand Owner

    Hijab, Home Industry, Food, Bottles, Beverages, Clothes, Shoes, Art & Craft, Bed Sheets, etc.

  • Agents & Distributors

    Food, Beverages, Stationery, Drinking Water, Building Materials, Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Gadgets, Plants, Watches, Accessories, etc.

  • Business Reseller

    Clothes, Medicine, Baskets, Boxes, Fast Food, Open PO, Electricity, Tires, Children's Clothes, Perfume, Products, Seasonings, etc.

  • Services

    House, Property, Digital Printing, Air Conditioning, Equipment, Sound System, Dress Rental, etc.


Business owners need to move forward together, unite for the convenience and advancement of Leading Indonesian Entrepreneurs

INCREASE PROFIT AND INCREASE BUSINESS TURNOVER with BORJU.IN believes that #everyoneisceo, a reliable CEO needs a complete and affordable platform and system. understands that your time is absolutely valuable, with just 1 minute can provide a fast and accurate real time data to help you make strategic decisions for your business growth. always committed to providing the best service for you. Utilize the digitalization era and make your business easier with, use now and let's level up together.
  • With only 1 cellphone: You can immediately open a digital shop started from the Back Office, Reseller and Online Shop.
  • Just 2 clicks: Build your business network, save operating costs and help people in your neighborhood earn extra income.
  • Only 3 minutes: Import data from EXCEL offline and online stores You are ready immediately to use BORJU.
  • Only 4 steps: own now and you will instantly become 1 of 1 MILLION Leading Indonesian Entrepreneur

x 1000

*Not included minimum cloud 1.750K/year (various cloud size for larger business are also available)

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